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My LJ is semi-friends only - I f-lock stuff about RL. I mostly write in the White Collar fandom.

If you prefer, you can go through my fic at AO3 as well, but keep in mind that I always post to LJ first.

Summaries in italics, warnings in red, wordcount in brackets at the end, pairings in brackets after the list of characters. For anything else, check the headers before reading.

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I recently watched Wall E for the second time (the first time I watched it, I was around 12, which is why these thoughts are cropping up now instead of then), and I was rather surprised to hit a huge stumbling wall of NOPE less than five minutes into the movie.

As a potato on a couch, I should have been more than happy to believe that Wall-E could feel lonely in the absence of all the other Wall-E's, especially considering that he passed by a graveyard full of them on his way to work. But my brain kicked in with Logic.

my disordered thoughts.Collapse )
Title: Let Me Be (Your Hand To Hold)
Author: flipflop_diva
Rating: PG
Tracks: 8
Cover/tracklist dimensions dimensions: 500x500 pixels
Disclaimer: Private Practice is Shonda Rhimes's brainchild. Not mine.
Credit: Image courtesy Google Images. (I'm almost positive that it's a still from Grey's Anatomy)
Author's Note: This mix follows Addison and Derek's pre-Grey's Anatomy canon relationship as told by fireflop_diva in this fic.

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Dragon Age Mix: The Hereafter

Title: The Hereafter
Author: breadedsinner
Rating: PG-13
Tracks: 10
Cover/tracklist dimensions dimensions: 500x500 pixels
Content Notes: War/battle imagery, grief
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Credit: Images courtesy Google Images (filtering for images labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification) and Pixabay.
Author's Note: My commentary may be spoilery for as yet unposted parts of the fic, so I'll add it to this post later.

more...Collapse )
Title: No Such Thing
Characters (Pairings) Cristina Yang, Meredith Grey, George O'Malley, Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev, Neal Caffrey.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 327
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Grey's Anatomy is Shonda Rhimes'. Not mine.
Summary: Our favourite surgical interns discuss a rather frequent ER visitor.
Content Notes: Mention of a werewolf bite.
Author's Note: Set somewhere in season 1 or 2 of Grey's Anatomy, because I'm nostalgic, even though the timelines don't match. Also, we're pretending Seattle Grace is in New York. Or something.
For challenge 1103 - Paging Dr. Kildare - at tv_universe. Inspired by kanarek13's recent art piece, and the White Collar fandom's loving whumpage of our dear, long suffering Neal.
And I know, McSexy was one of the rejects for Mark Sloan's nickname, but I can't think of anything else right now.
Sorry about the messy dialogue tags. All the untagged ones are likely Cristina's. (Can you tell I love her? :D)

McSexy"s back.Collapse )
Title: Rust Or Gold, You Decide, What You See, What You Hold.
Characters (Pairings) Neal Caffrey, Sara Ellis (Neal/Sara)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 606
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: She decides what happens now. Not him.
Content Notes: Anorexia. Hallucinations.
Author's Note: Title from Rust Or Gold by Jill Andrews. S6 finale tag.
This is for my Music Is My Girlfriend meme (which is still open to prompts!), for the prompt Rust Or Gold - Neal, for treonb. My headspace is still shit. There is light in this story, though. (Let's not talk too much about the headspace.)
This is a sequel to She's Just Like The Weather, Can't Hold Her Together, and is set shortly after that (a hour at the very most, in fic-time).

Read more...Collapse )
Title: She's Just Like The Weather, Can't Hold Her Together.
Characters (Pairings) Sara Ellis, Neal Caffrey (Sara/Neal)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1465
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: It's mildly alarming, really, how badly Sara's dealt with Neal's death.
Content Notes: Anorexia. Reference to suicide. Hallucinations.
Author's Note: Title from Landscape by Florence + the Machine.
For the mini fest at wc_women_fest. S6 finale tag.
It's past midnight, and I'm not in a good headspace. Proceed with caution. (There is light, though.)

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Meme: Music Is My Girlfriend

Because I am fucking sick of not writing, I'm throwing out a remix of the Music Is My Boyfriend meme, which I adore.

Here are twenty songs that I think would make good fic fodder. Pick a song (or a number, if you don't know any of them c: ), pair it with a character, and leave it in a comment! No repeated characters, please c:

[The songs!]
1. Left Handed Kisses - Andrew Bird ft. Fiona Apple.
2. If Things Were Perfect - Moby - Elizabeth - sandy79
3. Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple
4. Sajda - from the My Name Is Khan soundtrack
5. Medicine - Daughter
6. Mar Jawaan - from the Fashion soundtrack
7. Nothing & Nowhere - Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
8. Jugni - from the Cocktail soundtrack
9. Where I Come From - Maria Mena - Diana - china_shop
10. Various Storms & Saints - Florence + The Machine
11. In The Waiting Line - Zero 7 - Sara - Anonymous
12. Penguin - Christina Perri
13. Baatein - Fuzön
14. Too Late - M83 - Peter - sandy79
15. Rust Or Gold - Jill Andrews - Neal - treonb
16. Last Kiss - Taylor Swift - Kate - sandy79
17. Elastic Heart - Sia
18. Badi Dheere Jali - from the soundtrack of Ishqiya
19. Losing Grip - Avril Lavigne
20. Thinking Out Loud - Emiliana Torrini

H/C Bingo Card!

Because why not? :D

I already have ideas for stories that fit quite a few of the squares (those are in pink) but I'm very happy to be prompted for the others!

Card!Collapse )

Fic: Don't Need A Dozen Roses

Title: Don't Need A Dozen Roses
Characters (Pairings) Sara Ellis, Neal Caffrey, Mozzie, (Sara/Neal)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6456
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Sara Ellis is confronted with a case that promises to be just as exciting as she expects it to be and a client who's going to be a pain in rather more unexpected ways.
Content Note: This story portrays the very beginning of a D/s relationship. If you'd like to know anything at all about kinks mentioned or explored in this story, please don't hesitate to PM me.
Author's Note: This fic is for citrinesunset, for the wcpairings exchange, with love. I hope you enjoy it! It follows one of your prompts as closely as I could manage. And I am so sorry for the delay!!! Real life staged multiple interventions.
Be warned, italics have been merrily overused.
Pardon the formal register of my writing - I've been watching far too much of The Royals.
The title's from the Nicki Minaj song Get On Your Knees. [natterings]I would call it the anthem of this fic if my words didn't always end up this damned sappy. As things are, this fic is also inspired by Same Old Same Old, Dust to Dust, Eavesdrop, Disarm, and Poison and Wine, all by The Civil Wars, all delightfully angsty. The Civil Wars write and sing the best Neal/Sara songs. (Disarm is a cover, for the record.)
Sara's a lawyer in this AU. I, however, am not. (In this AU or in real life.) And even if I was, I still wouldn't have much of a clue of the American legal system, which is not the same as the Indian one. So I bullshitted my way through the legal stuff. Most of it is probably inaccurate. Prior warning issued. Sorry not sorry.
There will be more in this verse! Maybe. Look to Can't Hold You Closer Than This for my (totally nonexistent, I can assure you) reliability with delivering on fic-related promises. (This one might just get written, though, because it's mainly sexy fun times. No promises!)
I will give this fic another editorial look-over tomorrow, because I am paranoid as fuck.
Why are my fics turning into such lengthy monsters lately??? What happened to nice little thousand word fics???

The first time Sara Ellis lays eyes on Neal Caffrey, nothing remarkable happens.Collapse )
I don't talk much about other TV shows that I watch, but the latest episode of Scandal was such a game changer that I just have to share.

Season 5 spoilers ahoy!Collapse )
Title: Tomorrow Is A Different Day
Characters (Pairings): Kate Moreau, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Alexandra Hunter, Vincent Adler, Garrett Fowler (Kate/Neal)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4990
Spoilers: For Kate's storyline through seasons 1 and 2
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Kate's spent her whole life investing in her tomorrow.
Author's Note: This is for runthecon, for the prompt 'tomorrow is another day' from aragarna.
Title's from Avril Lavigne's Tomorrow. There are lyrics from Halsey's album BADLANDS all over the story. They serve as sort of introductions to the various little disconnected pieces. So this isn't exactly a songfic, buuut it kinda is.
Many, many thanks to reve_silencieux for the speedy proofread and the cheerleading!
[looong fucking authors note.]I should mention that this is a slightly old idea, and it had around 300-400 words written in advance, but this thing be looong (LOOK AT THAT WORDCOUNT, GUYS), so I don't think it makes that much of an impact? I mean, I knew the direction the story was headed in, but I had very few actual words written in advance, so. I hope that's okay?

As seems to perpetually be the case with me, this story isn't complete. Yes, you read that right. Almost 5k words and this monster wants more. Piece of shit.
Slightly spoilery content note-like thing (spoils a character arc): I know the first sentence is what it is, but Kate isn't vilified in this story. She loves Neal. She means well. She's allowed to be angry, and think freely, and do things that may hurt Neal without her realizing it. Peter, who is the antagonist of her story, is on the receiving end of much of her anger, but that doesn't make either of the two characters evil. They're just different people who happen to have made terrible first impressions on each other. Not every human on the planet has to get along like a house on fire. And finally, I'm sorry if Peter seems out of character to you, but I stand by his characterization in this fic.
I kinda sorta borrowed the "ornamental, not functional" idea from this really painful insult delivered by the President to the First Lady on Scandal. I wouldn't have mentioned it, but I couldn't find any alternate wording, so. :P
This is a bit of a bricolage, but I enjoyed writing it, so. :D

Also, it's 2 am, I haven't given this fic my usual final once-over because I'd like to sleep, please forgive mistakes and clumsy phrasing and such. ETA - Edited!

She loves him less than he loves her.Collapse )
Title: Lover To Lover
Characters (Pairings): Alex Hunter
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 235
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: France is the best lover she's found in a while.
Author's Note: For Day 2 of The Merry Month of Masturbation. Title's from the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine.

She"s been making sweet love to France all summer long.Collapse )

Speaking of MMOM....

I plan on using the following bingo table for prompts. I know there's only twenty five, but on the other hand, aiming for the full thirty one is a little ambitious for me (because do you know me and my moods? XD), and if I run out, I can always find prompts elsewhere. Or, you know, use that thing called imagination.

Also, I am so sorry about totally forgetting to write fanfic last month!!! Poetry took over my brain. (Seriously though, I wrote five poems in one day last month and I still ended the month at 23. What the hell.)

cause i slayCollapse )

ETA - While I have stored the prompts away for a rainy day, this table is not a priority for me.
Title: No Footsteps On The Ground
Characters (Pairings): Diana Berrigan (unrequited Diana/Sara)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 169
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Diana knows she really shouldn't be thinking about Sara.
Author's Note: For Day 1 of The Merry Month of Masturbation (mmom). Because why the hell not? :D I spent April focused on poetry with (Inter)National Poetry Writing Month in full swing. May's for you guys.
Title's from I'm With You by Avril Lavigne. (anyone who's read my depression related posts, don't freak out!! I'm okay. Just listening to this song for the story.)
In my head, this is part of the verse I set up in Get With The Program, (which I think I'm going to call the Fire'Verse) but waaaaay in the past. Because apparently I can't get that verse out of my brain now. This is allllll my own fault btw XD. I love this dark messed up shit. Though the Diana/Sara romance plot is probably the (only) ray of sunshine in this thing. Along with, you know, the eventual rescue. (Eventual. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)

Diana knows she really shouldn"t be thinking about Sara.Collapse )
Title: Dragon Breathing Fire
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Rachel Turner (Rachel/Neal, with major consent issues)
Rating: R
Word Count: 2088
Spoilers: Through Season 5
Content Notes: Kidnapping, violence, food + water deprivation, psychological judo, reference to future offscreen noncon. (spoilers ahoy)
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Neal seems to have forgotten that when Rachel plays, she plays to win.
Author's Note: This is all for the very kind hurinhouse, who asked to know how the scene set in Get With The Program continues. I obligingly scared the shit out of myself by writing this monster.
Title from Don't Hurt Yourself by Beyoncé featuring Jack White. (LISTEN TO LEMONADE, Y'ALL).
The first snippet thing starts right where Get With The Program stops, so it probably won't make sense if you don't read that part.
As before, Rachel is OOC in that she isn't restrained by her love for Neal. Also as before, no cheerful rainbow unicorns to be found here. There is, however, flagrant abuse of italics. Proceed with caution.

Rachel takes in Neal"s terrified expression with amusement.Collapse )
...and I had such a blast filling in the "application" (that's what they call the memes to sound all official) that I decided to post it here too!

Warning: F-bombs. Warning #2 - I am a walking Hamilton advertisement.

If you want the code, it's here at the challenge post!

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!Collapse )

MCU AU Fest Letter


(dear god, prevent me from signing up for more stuff now pls.)

(at least words are happening?)

ETA - I decided not to sign up, because there was a thing with the sign up forms and i had to sign up again, which gave me time to think (and nope out), but there are comments on this post so I'm leaving it be. (Was about to delete it.)

A meme! A meme!

Stolen from elrhiarhodan.

Rules: Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 11 questions

The artist I’m selecting: Florence + the Machine
What is your gender: Queen of Peace
Describe yourself: Strangeness & Charm
How do you feel: Caught
If you could go anywhere, where would it be: Never Let Me Go
Favourite mode of transportation: Ship To Wreck
Your best friend: My Boy Builds Coffins
Favourite time of the day: No Light, No Light
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Hurricane Drunk
What is life to you: What The Water Gave Me
Relationship status: Over The Love
Your fear: Long & Lost

(I could have gone with Delilah for best friend, but that's a cop out :P)


I mention the lateness of the hour just in case I make a big bad boo boo, as a possible defense.

The fact that I've been Hamilton trash for over a month is relevant.

Hamilton, Jane Austen, and collegeCollapse )

SSR Confidential Letter

Hi, fellow Agent Carter fan! Thank you so much for signing up! I'm sure I'll love whatever you choose to create for me.

You'll find more detail for each of my requests under the cut.

In order of preference: ships, friendships and charactersCollapse )

I hope I helped! And above all, I truly hope you enjoy yourself.
Title: the heart is hard to translate
Characters (Pairings): Rachel Turner, Sara Ellis, Neal Caffrey, Diana Berrigan (Rachel/Neal, Sara/Neal, Diana/Christie)
Rating: PG-13
Total Word Count: 538
Spoilers: Till Season 5
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: A peek into the hearts of a few characters.
Author's Note: This is a challenge that involved putting your music library on shuffle and writing drabbles for the respective lengths of the first five songs. For Challenge 29 - Do The Shuffle - at writerverse. Title from All This And Heaven Too by Florence + The Machine

Belly Up - Maria Mena
Rachel/Neal, 96 words.

we lie belly up in the pool of usCollapse )

Goodnight New York - Vienna Teng
Sara/Neal, 119 words.

goodnight, goodnight, may you be always heartbreakingCollapse )

The List - METRIC
Neal/Rachel, 103 words.

all dressed down to catch a whiff of the buzzCollapse )

Nothing But The Water (Pt 2) - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
Diana/Christie, 114 words.

i have tried to find my way, to make it through to a better dayCollapse )

Phir Na Kehna (Crazy in Zanzibar mix) - Sunidhi Chauhan and Kumar Sanu
Sara/Neal, 106 words.

dil deewana aaj kho jaaye tohCollapse )

What should I write?

I have a bit of time before I start college (read: tons), and so I figure it's about time I clear out my writing plate. I have a writing projects spreadsheet that is forty entries long. I wish I was kidding.

Below is a poll which basically asks you what kind of fic you want to see from me in, to help me prioritise my To Write list. (I've included my poetry and a couple of original ideas in the first question because I'm a completionist, even though they may not be things that you may want to see.)

Bear in mind that this poll is mostly a means for me to figure out what you guys want. There is every chance that even if the poll says "DO X!!! DO IT NOW!!!", my muse will rebel, I'll end up doing Y, Z and K, and poor X will be left malingering in the dust.

Also, I have a few commitments on my plate already. For one thing, TVU Bingo is going on, and as long as that goes on, short fics will be posted. For another, I have an epic length fic in mind for wcpairings (not in this poll), and that will be given priority in the form of daily writing time. For a third, some of my writing time will go into finishing fics for the Marvel is Marvel exchange (a few days in April) and the SSR Confidential exchange (a few days in May).

But obviously, my audience is you, and I want to give you what you want. So your vote matters!! Go forth and choose!

Poll #2039780 Balancing the creative projects

What do you want me to write?

Short 300-500 word fics. Post something every day!
Slightly longer fics. (1k+) Post every alternate day!
Epics. Take all the time you need! (but give us a few short things in between!)
Original poetry. Let out all the RL angst!
Original desi fiction. Figure out those characters and find them a story!
An original one act play. Try a new medium!
Other (explain in comments)

(If one of the shorter fic options wins) Do you want to give me prompts?


Which of these regular length story ideas sounds interesting to you?

A series of S6 finale tags detailing the fallout of Season 6.
A Peter + Neal 'Poison and Wine' lyric series.
Kate drabbles set to Halsey lyrics.
Diana/Rachel drabbles set to Daughter lyrics.
A Sara+Neal preseries meeting where Sara gets stuck in a closet with a concussed Neal because hostage situation.
A continuation of Fall Into Your Sunlight, the one Neal/Peter fic I've written that I haven't hated in hindsight. (Except for that fucking awkward line about polyamory.)
Neal's recovery for the injury mentioned in Can't Hold You Closer Than This.
More in the Amis Amants series. (Canon compliant Neal/Sara exploring their amis amants relationship in Season 4)

Which of these epic-length story ideas sounds interesting to you?

The near-canon AU in which Neal doesn't team up with Mozzie and becomes a darker version of the Neal we know and love because of Rachel and Keller's influence on him.
The AU in which Sara's a senator and Neal's a lawyer and they went to high school together and dated but broke up and now there's oodles of UST.
The high school AU that corresponds to the senator-lawyer AU. Featuring most of the ladies of White Collar, plus Neal.
A magic AU in which Sara is a powerful sorcerer, Rachel's a less powerful but infinitely more evil sorcerer, and Neal's the idiot who keeps getting himself injured and interrupting Sara's plans.
An AU in which Sara's a vampire and El's a ghost and Peter hunts vampires and Neal is his gorgeous self and craziness ensues.
An AU in which Neal waits out his remaining few months in prison instead of breaking out and letting Peter catch him.
An AU based on this manip by K13 in which a winged Neal is put up for sale at a black market auction that Sara happens to be casing.
A post-S4 AU in which Peter stays in prison for a year and Neal works tirelessly to free him.

Do you want to read my original stuff?


Are there too many exclamation marks in this poll?

Yes. -__-

A couple of funny vids, because why not.

I found this on Tumblr, and it is A THING OF BEAUTY. For all my friends who just switched to daylight savings time C: (note: f-bombs aplenty)

And this one I've seen multiple times, but it continues to be funny :D

Royalty, a White Collar fanfiction

Title: Royalty
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey (Neal/Sara)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 290
Spoilers: None
Content Notes: None
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: The essence of Sara cannot be communicated in stillness.
Author's Note: Written a couple nights ago for a gameofcards challenge for the prompt 'Secret'.

She looks beautiful in his shirt.Collapse )

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